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    Chasubles That Celebrate Life in Canada Chasubles are outermost vestments worn by... 

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Solemn Vestments Guaranteed to Enhance Your Church Experience in Canada

Every member of the clergy would need an exemplary set of vestments. As such, picking the correct ones is an absolute must. At Churchings Canada, we strive to make your search for one easier. Our beautiful Canadian vestments are made from quality materials using superior craftsmanship. We offer well-made, well-designed chasubles in white, red, purple, olive green, and royal blue, so you can have the right chasuble for the right liturgical season or event, as well as equally good albs in clean, immaculate white.

Each of our vestments is designed and constructed to help it serve you and your flock well through the years. Take a moment to look around. We offer discounted prices for bulk orders, an easy and secure ordering service, and a variety of available shipping options.