Collection: Canadian Clergy Stoles

Clergy Stoles Crafted for Heavenly Duties in Canada

More than a mere fashion accessory, Canadian clergy stoles symbolizes your holy office when administering the sacraments. That’s why no clergy ensemble is complete without a clergy stole draped around their shoulders. These wonderful works of wearable art can be purchased in a variety of colours, imprints, and designs to suit any taste.

Only Churchings Canada crafts handmade clergy stoles with the perfect balance of design, style, and function in mind. Each of these fine stoles can be comfortably worn around your neck and along both sides of your clergy robe. It features quality detailing like embroidery and fringes, these are stoles that serve a clear purpose and are made to fit just about every body type. Hence, clergy stoles will be a brilliant gift idea for your minister, pastor, or parish priest.

Accentuate your clergy ensemble with the perfect stole only from Churchings Canada! We have options for free shipping or overnight delivery. And, get BIG discounts for bulk orders.